It’s a New Day!

Every day is a new gift.  We get to pick how to value that gift by what we do with the new day.

A friend, Dan, told me a couple weeks ago, “I admire you.”  I asked him why.  He said, “Because of your ability to speak in several different languages.”

I said, “That’s a gift.”

Dan said, “It’s a gift from God.”

I agreed, and Dan asked, “Are you using your gift?”

I assured Dan I often used my gift for language.  In fact, just two days before Dan’s question, I’d used my gift to hold a conversation with a young woman in her native tongue.

Then, the day after Dan’s question, another friend, Mark, sent me a text announcing  a new class.  And that was another gift.  After watching Mark’s videos about the class, I had a wonderful, confirming feeling, once again, that God is in charge.

Here’s why.  Several months ago I found a way to gain clarity of thought I’d lacked for over 30 years.  That was another gift from God.  And Mark’s new class is inviting me to increase the value I place on each new day.

My commitment to myself is to act today on the best of what I know, always valuing the gift of today and the friends God places in my path.

Thank you, Dan!  And, thank you, Mark!  And, most of all, Thank you God!

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