Inspiring Movies – Week 14 Supplement

Thank you to Carolynn Sokil for reminding me of my duties! You’ll want to check her out at We Smile Loudly.

I remember being touched last year when Mark J informed the Go90Grow 2013 group about the Hero’s Journey. Not that I was able then to fully respond to the Herald’s invitation, but I caught the vision.

At Mark’s renewed invitation, I reviewed again the movie October Sky this week. I was intrigued by how differently I perceived the movie after several years of personal growth and ongoing education. Jake Gyllenhaal’s portrayal of Homer Hickam was doubly inspiring this time.

Certainly, Homer and his fellows form a successful mastermind, overcoming some interesting internal and external opposition. They knew what they wanted, and they persisted until they succeeded.

What inspired me more, however, was Laura Dern’s portrayal of Miss Riley, who plays the primary herald in this Hero’s Journey. She stays true to her vision of the heroes within her student charges, and her constancy is a steadying, edifying, inspiring influence for Homer and his mastermind partners.

I was equally touched by Natalie Canerday’s portrayal of Elsie Hickam, Homer’s mother. Without her assistance, the mastermind’s goal would never have manifested. She was willing to sacrifice all to assist Homer. Her interaction with Chris Cooper’s John Hickam ought to remind everyone never to get between a mother bear and her endangered cub.

I thought it was poetic to see how October Sky’s men needed their women as much as the women needed the men. Homer and his pals get the gold medal, but only with the support of their women mentors.

I feel very blessed to have the ongoing support and partnership of several great women, without whom my life would be poor indeed. At the head of this list is my dear wife of 33 years, followed closely by our two mothers. My two daughters are strikingly strong women in their own right, and I benefit beyond measure from the love and support of all five of these women. What a great example of the power of leverage!

I’d be ungrateful not to give a shout-out to John Lee Hancock who directed last year’s fun Saving Mr. Banks. I viewed that show today, and the Hero’s Journey definitely got another great exemplar of the genre. I laughed, I cried, I mourned, and I exulted with all the mastermind members as they endured and overcame their opposition.

I invite you, dear reader, to comment about your favorite inspiring movie. Tell us all what inspires you, and we’ll all be better for it.

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5 thoughts on “Inspiring Movies – Week 14 Supplement

  1. This is my favourite quote form the movie, courtesy of Miss. Riley …”you really can’t listen to everybody else, sometimes you just have to listen inside”. Knowledge, Courage, Faith.

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