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Dateline Seattle, WA, USA
January 2, 2014
Courtesy of the Seattle Times

Today, David Evans of Federal Way, WA was interviewed as a human interest story on the local Fox News Channel. Mr. Evans was featured on Fox because of his recent transition from moderately successful Attorney-CPA to independently successful businessman.

Mr. Evans accomplished this feat in just over 4 years with the love, help and support of his wife of 33 years, Dala Gallentine Evans, a number of mentors and business partners, and the ongoing inspiration of heaven.

This is no rags to riches story. Mr. Evans neither lived in rags, nor does he now possess riches, at least not in the monetary sense. Mr. Evans does posses, however, many of the other riches outlined in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

Most notably, Mr. Evans is wonderfully healthy for his 57 years, he enjoys a loving relationship with his family and numerous friends, and he embodies a spiritual serenity not unlike a zen master.

As noted above, Mr. Evans is not yet independently wealthy. As a result, he does have to work, at least part-time, and that entails effort and periodic adversity. Nevertheless, Mr. Evans’s family and friends report that he remains serene despite the occasionally adverse circumstances everyone experiences.

It wasn’t always thus.

Not many years past, Mr. Evans’s life was chaotic, and he almost lost his marriage. His previous persona was ill-organized, only sporadically productive, and frequently unpleasant. Over the recent past, that all changed. Now, Mr. Evans’s life resembles a well-tended, productive garden.

What happened to make this change possible?

Two words: determination and inspiration.

One of the reasons Mr. Evans was able to preserve his marriage is his continued demonstration of effort related to his determination to make his life into the idyll he and Mrs. Evans have long envisioned. That determination never waned during the long, almost 30-year night of mental illness symptom-induced chaos.

Always, Mr. Evans attempted to be better and do better. He constantly searched for keys, tools, knowledge and practices that would make a positive difference. And, line upon line, here a little and there a little, he found them. Determination brought inspiration. Practice brought inspiration. Inspiration fired determination.

Immense progress manifested recently in a new, more lucrative, professional direction, a slim, toned physique, stable emotions, and, for the 1st time in his adult life, consistently clear, rational thought.

And with that clarity, old books became new, and old friends brought new tools.

The wisdom of the ages is “hidden” in books, as Oliver Stone’s character intimated in the movie, Lake Placid.

And thus, by adding a few new disciplines to an already diligent, disciplined schedule, a new persona, polished, burnished, honed and focused, began to unfold. The words of Og Mandino, Charles Haanel and Ralph Waldo Emerson came alive, verifying the words of the Master Teacher: “Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

One’s present circumstances are not necessarily one’s destiny. Positive change is available to every breathing human.

As a Spanish proverb so eloquently puts it, “‘Take what you want and pay for it,’ says God.” Mr. Evans subscribes to that philosophy, asserting that any progress is possible if one is willing and able to pay the attached price. He further subscribes to a similar thought expressed by one of his mentors: people are prone to try and negotiate the price of success so long that they would have had it by now if they would have just paid the price.

The Master’s Apostle Paul taught the same truth: the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, etc. To get peace, we align, as Mr. Evans strives to do, with that Spirit.

To get positive progress, we align, as Mr. Evans has done, with the spirit of progress. The Law of the Harvest is in force. As we sow, so shall we reap. The nice thing that Mr. Evans discovered is that he didn’t have to take responsibility to grow the plant of his new persona. God took care of that. All he had to do was plant the seed of faithful determination, water, weed and fertilize the soil of his soul by diligent daily practice, and the flower of his new persona unfolded all of its own.

Mr. Evans’s example gives hope to every soul living a quiet (or not so quiet) life of desperation. God is faithful and will inspire the honest seeker. God is a loving gardener. He makes every faithful seed to grow, flower and bear fruit. He that diligently, determinedly seeks shall indeed find.

10 thoughts on “Press Release

  1. David, I enjoyed listening to your presentation on tonight’s Digital Connections. Also, your Press Release was inspiring and I enjoyed your weaving in faith based messages, which is really what this is all about. Total alignment with the Universal Mind!

  2. You sound like you have found your bliss. You went searching years ago, and you have found what you were looking for. Continue tending to your seed and you will inspire others from your own example, as you inspire me.

  3. David, your press release embodies the Seven Laws of Mind.
    1. The Law of Substitution: You consciously chose to step out in faith, venturing into hitherto unknown lands, to discover how God wired us for bliss.
    2. The Law of Relaxation: You tilled the soil, then Let Go, and Let God.
    3. The Law of Practice: You exemplify Wooden’s explanation of magnificence: “Most of it is practice. The rest of it is work.”
    4. The Law of Forgiveness: You released all blaming, took responsibility for your life, and left behind what doesn’t work.
    5. The Law of Dual Thought: You determined to look upon adversity as opportunity, giving it a creative power which otherwise could not exist.
    6. The Law of Subconscious: As a result of your faithfulness and 100% commitment to aligning your life’s journey with God All That Is, your Old Blue Print totally capitulates to the New Blue Print.
    7. The Law of Growth: You see that your journey is THE Great Adventure, and look forward to further unfolding of your heart’s desire.

    Thank you for so beautifully exemplifying the essence of MKMMA.

    God bless you!

  4. I was captivated by your Press Release and how you have embraced your journey with God by your side. And I really liked how Valeska explained The 7 Laws of the Mind…I am going to copy that down as well. Have a very Blessed Journey.

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