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A Life Orchestrated Around Fear – Week 22

How big is fear in your life? In mine, fear was the primary driving force behind much of the programming. You probably know some people like that. Maybe it’s you sometimes.

I feared the future, failure, success, commitments, not committing, poverty, wealth, feasting and famine. Most of all, I feared not being “enough.”

Always something more was needed. More education, more training, more information, more money, more time, more fitness, more suits, more titles, more achievements, more skills. Never enough, never sufficient.

Unknowingly, I had given power to some nebulous event or person or circumstance or business or system to make me good enough, smart enough, organized enough and/or attractive enough to succeed.

Mind you, I didn’t originate much of this programming. I learned it at my parents’ knees. Extended family taught me. Teachers taught me. Society taught me. And I learned and I bought and I internalized all the lessons of inadequacy, limitation and lack.

And, recently, I unlearned them. I first created a desirable life vision. Then I read edifying truths about how to profitably think. Then awareness dawned.

Consciousness precedes change.

I now know that the only way for me to experience growth and positive change is to create the desired conditions inside, in the subjective. Then, over time, conditions outside, in the objective, manifest in conformity with the vision within.

Another example might help. Several recent experiences demonstrated the power of enmity. In one, a friend called with exciting news about finding a new company with which to apply his skills and talents. As he described his new “love,” I chided him for being the “message” rather than the messenger. I apologized later, but the damage was done. Healing will hopefully mend the breach over time.

The impact of these experiences caused me to ponder how they were all related, and the answer came easily. In each experience I manifested a sense of enmity or competition. And I easily discerned the source: insecurity. The source of insecurity? FEAR. Same song; different verse.

I feel grateful for the consciousness of fear as it manifested in insecurity. I know from recent study in the Masterkey Mastermind Experience that fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings and unworthiness frequently accompany expansion of one’s comfort zone. Thus, my awareness of these feelings allows me to simultaneously feel reassured in progress, despite the pain of unintentionally straining relationships.

Given the foregoing, you won’t be surprised that close friendships have been rare, and that a sense of impending doom was a frequent companion until recently. Praise God for a new day!

A month’s reading of Mandino’s Scroll V from The Greatest Salesman has taught me that mourning yesterday’s failures darkens today’s joy and diverts energy from making today the best it can be. I can, however, make amends today as well as possible, and I can remember to connect.

You see, enmity fosters a sense of “other.” We’re learning from Haanel’s Masterkey System that “other” is an unnecessarily limiting illusion. The truth is connection. Connection with God above, connection with God within (myself), and connection with God all around (nature, people, etc.). With connection, enmity vanishes.

We have, each moment, a privilege. That privilege is choice. For me, the best choice is conscious connection. Eventually, with practice, connection will be automatic and require no further conscious choice. I will have changed the music and the orchestra will play a more pleasing tune.

Until then, I am humbled and grateful for loving, forgiving friends, companions and fellow travelers.

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Fundamental Errors in Metaphysics – Week 04

It’s funny sometimes how one thought triggers another, isn’t it?

On a recent plane flight, I saw a replay of a scene from Back to the Future where the DeLorean time machine flashed out of one timeline and flashed into another. That got me thinking about time travel.

Could I really travel back in time, tell myself to buy Microsoft (MSFT) in 1984 and travel back to the present and reap the harvest? I don’t know, but I doubt it, even if our understanding of temporal science advanced significantly.

Here’s my reasoning: every person and every point on the timeline is connected, one to the other. Ergo, if I change one thing for one person, everything changes for every person in response.

Now, you may not believe we’re all connected. Fair enough. Try this. Think of a person with whom you’d like to speak. DO NOT reach out to that person directly, either in-person or electronically.

Find a picture of that person, and every day, at least 3 times a day, look at the picture and imagine, with pleasant feelings, that person reaching out to you by whatever method you choose.

DO NOT tell anyone else of your desire. Then, presuming the person is still living, observe how long it takes for him or her to reach you. My guess is it won’t take longer than a week. A day or two is typical.

How cool is that? We are all connected. And connectedness goes much deeper than that.

I’m not going to quibble with you about religion or philosophy; you’re free to believe as you like. I profess a belief and faith in God, and in His Son, Jesus Christ. My beliefs, however, are immaterial to the point I will soon make.

While I believed in Christ, I must confess to not believing Christ, at least not all the time and not in all things. That isn’t a sign of rebellion; it just reflects my humanity and my need to learn line upon line, precept on precept, here a little and there a little.

Once I understood that we’re all connected, I asked myself, “How?” The answer soon came: energetically, for lack of a better way to express the thought. Every living thing (including some things ordinarily considered inanimate) is connected by some form of energy.

This is of present moment to me because of the issue of manifestation. The basic idea is you intend a thing or state of being, and, if your intention is clear, it manifests. I intend several things, and, like most folks, I want them to manifest.

Here’s where connection becomes important. I can only attract what I claim. And I can only claim what I own. I think I read something about this: “… who shall give you that which is your own?” (Luke 16:12) That’s a fragment from a parable about an unjust steward. The Lord’s summary of the parable includes the quoted question.

I used to think that meant that if I was a good steward, the Lord would give me stuff. That seems now to be a mistake. Because if I own or claim something, then it is mine by right if I’ve given fair value, and no one can “give” it to me because it will flow to me without compulsion of any sort.

I can see now, too, that the things I wanted were never going to manifest until I actually claimed them. And that was never going to happen because I believed the Lord would just give them to me if I was somehow good enough.

And so today, I learned another line. God has given me power to create just about anything for which I’m willing to give fair value, presuming I’m willing to own it. If I don’t own it, no one can give it to me, not even God.

Lucky for me, the Master Key System is all about learning to own or claim whatever I want that is right and good. Let’s get this party started! I am so ready to go back to my future!

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