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The “Less Than” Button – Week 30

This is a follow-up to the last week’s post regarding leverage. I attended a networking meeting 3 weeks ago where the guest speaker was a personal coach, formerly a practicing DC.

The coach talked about helping a number of clients advance their incomes from 6 figures to 7, which caught my attention, as that is my present goal. In the process of the 40-minute presentation to the small, 2-person group, I was drawn in to the coach’s mystique.

I didn’t cop to what he did with me initially, but a series of events revealed an interesting skill he used. This might help the reader.

At the presentation, I felt inspired and empowered, and I enrolled for a complimentary one-hour personal consult. During the consult, I was again impressed by the coach’s insights, and I committed to a 5-figure coaching program, with funds to be paid later.

I continued to make great progress on my goals, and I did the assigned homework project. The coach’s response to the homework was interestingly generic and shallow, asking for a little more detail. To me, the detail requested was obvious, a simple arithmetic exercise. Essentially, busy work. Rather than immediately respond with the detail, I let the message sit in my inbox for three days.

Then, yesterday, I was seized with paralysis over the emotions of a difficult event from a couple months back. I was nonplussed by this new experience, and I reached out to my MM partner, who is also my uncle. I asked my uncle to help me process the revived emotions, which he did.

My uncle pointed out that the difficult emotions probably came from how the unpleasant experience related to me having previously resided in a “less than” place. As we talked through the actual experience and the “reliving” experience, I could see how sensitive I still was to “less than” feelings.

And then the insight: I had been drawn into the coach’s mystique because of his ability, intentional or not, to touch my “less than” button.

As I caught hold on that idea, my uncle reiterated to me some of the central ideas of the Master Key Experience (MKE), that all wisdom comes from within, and that I already had within me all the power I needed to manifest all my dreams and visions.

It was as if my internal compass brought the difficult emotions of the previous experience to the surface so I would reach out. And, in reaching out, I reconnected with my personal truths and personal power.

As you will have guessed, I canceled my “order” for coaching services. My “compass” guided me truly despite my initial mistake.

The point as to the MKE is clear, too. Our leaders exercised integrity, not only by not “guiding” discovery, but also by never, intentionally or otherwise, pressing the “less than” button. I admire them more than ever. They are true friends and true counselors.

Thank you, as always, for joining me on this journey.

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