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Value and Perception – Week 09

We hear many times in network marketing about picking the low-hanging fruit.  That phraseology is common to most sales efforts.  It’s common because it expresses an important life truth:  easier is better.  AT&T is running a cute and appealing ad campaign on a parallel idea:  faster is better.

The flaw I see in the instruction to pick the low-hanging fruit lies in a mindset that might underlie that wording.  Picking fruit, from one point of view, belies a mindset of taking, not giving.

Taking is a manifestation of selfishness and is evidence of an infantile mind.  Thus we see the truth about a common perception about network marketing:  that it involves making money from family and friends.  We see things as we are, not as they are.

The reality is far different, at least for long-term, reliable, leveraged, residual income.

One only gets long-term, reliable, leveraged, residual income with a company that offers a true opportunity to make money with family and friends.  And, if you’re ready to see that, who wouldn’t want to make money with their friends and family?  Who, in their right mind, wouldn’t want to benefit from geometric progression and residual income?

Thus the truth about people is easily discerned.  If, in response to seeing a presentation, the viewer objects that he or she could never try to make money off their family and friends, one or more of three things is likely true:

  • Their personal mindset about money and business is insufficiently mature;
  • They just don’t see value in the underlying business proposition; and/or
  • They are presently closed to any possible good from network marketing.

Those points of view can change, if the viewer is wiling.  However, the issue isn’t the mindset, but the willingness.  Because if they’re not truly willing, you’re not going anywhere with them.  Not only is this fruit higher up, it may not be worth picking.

Of course, to feel good about picking fruit at all, one can conclude that picking the fruit is actually good stewardship of the tree and the orchard, because it helps the tree and the orchard better manifest its ultimate dharma.  The picker does this by distributing the fruit to others who may not have access to the tree or the orchard.  He or she helps the tree disburse value to many instead of just a few.

I am beginning to see why Emerson said he’d be happy indeed if he could draw the smallest arc of the circle that is the truth about compensation.  The truth is so magnificent that words literally fail to provide adequate description.  Emerson makes a marvelous attempt in his essay On Compensation, and all can benefit from reading it.

Spiritual truths, like the truth about compensation, can only be spiritually discerned.  And such discernment usually comes line upon line, precept on precept, here a little and there a little.  If you don’t resonate with my words now, be patient.  You will, ere long, if you’re willing.

Remember, faster is better.  Easier is better.  Concentrate your efforts on helping people who see value in what you’re doing and in the company with which (or the way in which) you’re doing it.  You can continue to minister to the others, as you feel called to do so, but focus your best energies on those who are ready to help you spread value from your orchard.

That way, you’ll fulfill your dharma by doing the most good for the most people.  And your joy will indeed be full.

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Week 01 – Fear of Flying

It was interesting to observe my body’s reactions to my commitment to participate fully in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance sponsored by Mark and Davene Januszewski.  It was as if my subconscious mind was anticipating dramatic disturbance in the status quo.

My internal gyroscope was on tilt!  All sorts of fears and questions arose.  What if you fail, again?  What will your wife think?  How will you make sure to succeed?  What if you’re not good enough, skilled enough or sufficiently diligent?

My body even attempted to get me to make bad choices in response to the internal chemical cascade caused by the fear.

This was a great example of the truth that we are all driven by the thought, feeling and belief patterns of our subconscious mind.  And, changing those patterns usually brooks resistance.

Fortunately, I was ready for the resistance, and I recognized the pattern for what it was.  And, towards the end of the week, I remembered a reassuring scripture:

“Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see thesalvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.”  Doctrine and Covenants 123:17

I took this as a love note from a loving Heavenly Father.  We only need do that which is within our power.  As we cheerfully do so, His grace covers any gaps and assures ultimate success.  And my fears abated, and my faith returned.

I further learned by this lesson a great truth about network marketing.  Network marketing is the same.  We cheerfully do all that lies in our power, working a proven, simple system, and then we can watch the system deliver, over time, the results to which we have committed.  In other words, it’s not about doing everything, at least not all at once and not necessarily all at first.  We do our part, the system does its part and the Lord does His part.

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