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Voyage of Discovery – Week 13

Life is a voyage of discovery.  Every day we resume the voyage, headed towards our destination, and we set the sails.  We may not pick the wind or the height of the seas, but we set the sails, and we hold the rudder.

And what do we discover?

Every day, we discover whether we’re ready or not ready for the goals and objectives we’ve chosen.

Because, as is has been so profoundly stated, it’s not the wind, but the set of the sails that determines where our ship will go.

My experiences this month may offer a good illustration.  I’d set an ambitious professional goal.  When I set it, I thought it reasonable and achievable, though stretching.  I didn’t count on mutiny from within.

You see, the master key mastermind alliance is preparing me to unfold into my best self, and my progress so far had me believing I was ready for a big step forward.

One of the conditions I thought past is depression, specifically the bipolar variety.  By the grace of God, I’d happened onto a 3-element regime that eliminates, or so I’d thought, all the physiological causes of my bipolar depression symptoms.

And yet, over the past 3 weeks, I experienced, 3 or 4 days per week, depression symptoms ranging from mild to moderate to almost severe.

And, then, yesterday, a breakthrough.  The week 13 webinar talked about the lengths to which some of the mental crew will go to keep the ship of life on the old course.  And outright mutiny is not beyond the pale.

I was simultaneously stunned and elated.  Because I knew then the truth.  The mind cannot effectively discern the difference between a vividly imagined event and a real one.  Charles Haanel’s words from Lesson 2, paragraph 14, Lesson 3, paragraph 4, Lesson 4, paragraph 4, Lesson 5, paragraph 8, Lesson 7, paragraph 23, etc. came ringing back.  Health is the real truth; illness is an illusion created by inferior thought.

Just as one is never again fooled after understanding a magician’s trick, my conscious mind was suddenly liberated from the bondage of the illusion of depression.  I had laid a solid, scientific foundation for mental health.  Therefore, the appearance of depression had to be an illusion contrived by my subconscious mind running the old blueprint!  And a vivid illusion it was, too!

The bad news for this month is I wasn’t ready for the destination for which I thought I’d set the course.  The good news is I now have better sense than to fall for the same trick twice.

So, my sails are once again trimmed to profit from the wind, and my rudder is set with an eye clearly fixed on the land of promise.  I didn’t die trying, and I have strength for the next leg of the journey.  As Mandino says, slightly edited, surely one tack at a time is not too difficult.

Are you troubled by the one step forward, two steps back phenomenon?  Take heart.  As you press on, you’ll find ways to keep moving forward, thus eliminating any tendency to retrogress.   Teachers, guides and mentors are all around you, just waiting for you to be ready.

Remember, life is a journey of discovery.  If you aren’t ready today for progress, tomorrow’s a new day.  Mandino gives us good advice in scroll 3.  Forget the day that is past, and focus on today, because, after all, today is the best day of your life.

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